REVIEW: Geography by Tom Misch

Caitlin Hyem
1 min readOct 24, 2022

If you googled ‘best jazz albums’, you’d see those of John Coltrane and Miles Davis. But the record you should be seeing is Geography by Tom Misch.

The 2018 debut is home to some of the world’s funkiest riffs. Each track exudes an addictive energy that effortlessly inspires you to move.

Geography guides you through a dream-like adventure, starting with Before Paris’ uplifting monologue and captivating groove.

Misch beautifully experiments with sound and emotion. One minute you’ll be reminiscing about loved ones to Movie, and the next you’ll be dancing to the enchanting beat of Disco Yes.

The album welcomes some of Misch’s talented friends too. Hip-hop greats De La Soul offer poetic perfection to It Runs Through Me, and Loyle Carner adds a freshness to Water Baby.

Still in need of another reason to support Geography’s superior status? Lend your ears to track nine — Misch’s wistful and wonderful rendition of Patrick Watson’s Man Like You. Blissful and serene, the violin’s expressive chill melts into the electric guitar’s sleek soundscape. Better than the original is an understatement.

So with all this in mind, Geography is undoubtedly a modern jazz masterpiece in a world of its own.



Caitlin Hyem

Trainee journalist at the University of Salford. Presenter of Alternative Airwaves. Founder of Alternative Atmosphere. Words: Inspo Daily and Mancunian Matters.