REVIEW: Fun To Lie by Lyerr

Caitlin Hyem
2 min readDec 13, 2022
Credit: Lyerr

To be completely honest, Lyerr have just released the best song I have heard from a Mancunian band this year. Since their debut EP ‘In Principio’, and their single ‘Taking Over’ (one of AA’s top singles of 2018), the lads have securely defined their signature sound.

The vigorous drum and guitar driven introduction launches us into the first verse, embracing both attitude and wonder. The lyrics encapsulate complex questions and mesmerised thoughts, allowing ‘Fun To Lie’ to deserve the bold, courageous tone implied by the title.

“Do you ever think about the future, is it clear where you are? Your conversations are my medication, when I’m lying on the stars. It’s amazing how you stop the world, you don’t need money and diamond pearls to shine”” — Lyerr

I spoke to Lyerr about their favourite features of ‘Fun To Lie’. Bassist Rory Magner revealed: “James, Sam and Ryan said the last three seconds as it has a different ending to some of our other tunes. As for me (Rory), I’d say I like the pre-chorus in the first verse or when the bass comes back in the second verse. I also love James’ best Elton John impression when he plays the piano in the outro.”

My favourite feature would have to be the chorus, that skilfully exudes the energy a head-banging anthem requires. The echoed backing vocals immerse the track in a haze of amazement while Johnson’s unique, passionate vocals guide us on a musical journey of love and excitement.

On the 5th April, Lyerr will be headlining a This Feeling gig in Manchester, and on Easter Sunday, Lyerr are taking part in Dave Sweetmore’s ‘12-hour Resurrection’ gig in Wigan. Tickets are on sale now (see links below).

This review was originally published on Alternative Atmosphere in 2019.



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